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TAFE/School/Industry partnerships addressing industry shortages through video conferencing outreach

In your face

The Interactive Design Program is a highly successful blended learning model which offers rural and regional students the chance to gain skills in Interactive Design for online gaming and a VET Certificate 3 in Media. Tutors deliver the weekly lessons over a full day to students using video conferencing across the internet. Students receive paid employment and work with tutors out of school hours developing actual objects for an established Australian industry company, Lightmare.

In 2014, 128 high school students from geographically isolated areas and 49 schools participated, gaining the chance to learn specialised skills. The program offered local students the opportunity to gain access to specialised education from an innovative vocational training organisation and paid employment in a leading company without having to travel from town.

The program is recognised as succeeding with high school students who have learning difficulties. It has demonstrated particular success with students who struggle in the traditional classroom setting, such as students with Asperger Syndrome.

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