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Bendigo Senior Secondary College - Victorian Virtual Learning Network (VVLN)


The Victorian Virtual Learning Network (VVLN) is an initiative of Bendigo Senior Secondary College to develop innovative, interactive, instructional online VCE subjects designed to be delivered to secondary school students using web-based technology.

175 students enrolled in 2016 for at least one VCE subject.

Subjects available for students in 2016 are:

  • Health and Human Development 1 - 4
  • Legal Studies 1 - 4
  • Mathematical Methods 1 - 4
  • Physics 1 - 4
  • Psychology 3 - 4
  • Specialist Mathematics 1 - 4

Students can undertake subjects at any time in any location with high speed broadband access. The VVLN uses a learning management system (Moodle) and interactive learning objects in their delivery model. Students work through self-paced modules in an asynchronous manner and connect with online tutors for questions and clarification synchronously via Skype.

Successful completion of a VVLN course depends upon good communication between students and their online teachers. The support the teachers give to students on the online lesson materials is just as important as the course materials themselves and students are encouraged to communicate with their teachers often, even if it is just for a social conversation!

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