Spatial Technologies and Fieldwork in 
Victorian Curriculum and VCE Geography

Spatial Technologies and Fieldwork in Victorian Curriculum and VCE Geography

The Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA) conducted a pilot project in 2015 to trial evidence-based practice of digital learning through the use of personal mobile devices and spatial technologies. Teachers and students from two Victorian schools— Werribee Secondary College and Bayside P-12 College—participated in the pilot.

The case studies show how students used their personal mobile devices in the field with free apps utilising global navigation satellite system (GNSS) receivers, to collect their fieldwork data. This became the basis for post-fieldwork analysis tasks using cloud-based data sharing and mapping using a basic Geographic Information System (GIS).

The resources presented here have application in fieldwork for both Victorian Curriculum and Victorian Certificate of Education Geography.

You will discover the digital tools and methodologies used in the field and for post-fieldwork activities in the classroom, specifically:

  • An overview of the application of spatial technologies to fieldwork tasks
  • A guide to cost-free spatial technology apps that are useful for fieldwork
  • Case studies that provide a model for planning and conducting fieldwork followed by post-fieldwork activities each of which includes:
    • Fieldwork overview
    • Methodology
    • Resources and handouts
    • Student work samples
    • Interviews with students and their teachers about the spatial technology-integrated fieldwork

The two case studies cover:

The use of spatial technologies is present in the Victorian Curriculum content descriptions in Levels 5-10 and also VCE Geography Units 1-4. The approaches and applications discussed have the potential for adaptation to meet these curriculum requirements.

Bayside P-12 College students

Bayside P-12 College students in the Melbourne CBD receiving their final fieldwork briefing.


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