VCE Health and Human Development - Digi Dialogues


The Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (DEECD) and the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA) conducted a pilot project in 2013 to collect ideas from the classroom as evidence-based practice of digital learning in VCE Health and Human Development. Both teachers and pre-service teachers from three Victorian schools— Greensborough College, Ringwood Secondary College and Warrandyte High School—were involved in the pilot.

As you read each teacher's story, you will discover the digital tools they used to enable learning in the classroom, what strategies worked well and what advice they have for others. Each story contains a lesson plan, teacher reflections and tips, and student work samples where possible.

The health and development of Australia's youth

Individual human development and health issues

Australia's health

Global health and human development

Digital tools used

  • Unit 4: The United Nations’ Action Areas
Comic Life
  • Unit 2: Childhood development
Google Maps Engine Lite
  • Unit 4: International aid programs
  • Unit 4: The United Nations' Millennium Development Goals
Poll Everywhere
  • Unit 2: Classification of the stages of adulthood
  • Unit 3: National Health Priority Areas
QR codes and QR readers
  • Unit 4: International aid programs
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