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Unit 2 Curriculum Story Lesson plan Student work

Unit 2 - Individual human development and health issues

Bianca’s story, Ringwood Secondary College


Bianca is a Health and Human Development and Science teacher at Ringwood Secondary College. When Bianca became involved in this pilot project, she had ideas to not only incorporate digital learning into a single lesson, but to incorporate it into a whole unit of work.

This story will focus on the introductory lesson of Unit 2 Area of study 3 Adult health and individual development focusing of views and classifications of adulthood.

Bianca had clear intentions to enhance student engagement by providing greater opportunities for her students to become involved in expressing their ideas. She also wanted to improve her own knowledge of how to use Poll Everywhere in the classroom. In order to encourage engagement and participation Bianca designed a class poll using Poll Everywhere, an online polling site where answers to questions are submitted via a smart phone, tablet or PC. Further information about Poll Everywhere can be found here:

Bianca sought the advice of Ringwood Secondary College’s eLearning coordinator to assist with the planning of her unit of work. In the first lesson Bianca wanted to gauge her students’ understanding and perception of adulthood, including the stages of adulthood and discuss the differing opinions.

Bianca felt that by using Poll Everywhere she could create an environment where her students were engaged but also accountable for their participation and learning. Bianca’s poll questions can be found on in the student worksheet.

Bianca’s planning

Bianca describes the task.

Transcript of video

Teacher reflections

‘Students enjoyed giving their opinion and it ensured that everyone was engaged. They instantly saw results that agreed or disagreed with their opinion. Students who seldom involve themselves in discussions had a voice. Therefore this activity was inclusive, encouraging students to express themselves and relate to the work.’

‘I was thrilled that the students enjoyed this activity and it has set a very positive tone for the last unit of our course.’

‘Once you start using digital technologies, it becomes easier each time.’

‘I can utilise these technologies when teaching my other subjects, such as Science.’

Students are accountable for their input and efforts.

Transcript of video

Student reflections

Student 1: ‘Can we do this every lesson?’

Student 2: ‘It was very interactive and everyone wanted to get involved! Making learning fun! Everyone could have their say and we could see what other people thought of the topics, and having a bit of fun in the process.’

Student 3: ‘I believe that the use of technology helped the enthusiasm as it made the class more engaging and fun. It also made the class more enjoyable.’

Bianca’s tips

  • When planning a unit of work, seek the advice of your school’s eLearning coordinator or colleagues to discuss ways of using digital learning to complement your teaching and learning intentions.
  • Utilise all student devices including mobile phones.

Instant results for students.

Transcript of video

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