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Unit 3 Curriculum Story Lesson plan Student work

Unit 3 - Australia’s health

Lesson plan: The National Health Priority Areas (NHPAs)

Unit 3:

Australia’s Health

Area of study 1:

Understanding Australia’s health

Key knowledge

  • The National Health Priority Areas (NHPAs) including:
    • key features and reasons for selection of each NHPA
    • determinants that act as risk factors
    • direct, indirect and intangible costs to individuals and communities of NHPAs
    • one health promotion program relevant to each NHPA
  • The role of nutrition in addressing the following conditions recognised in the NHPAs: cardiovascular disease, diabetes mellitus, colorectal cancer, obesity and osteoporosis, taking into account, where relevant, the function (as a determinant of health) and major food sources of protein, carbohydrate (including fibre), fats (mono, poly, saturated and trans), water, calcium, phosphorus, sodium and vitamin D

Key skills

  • Explain and justify one health promotion program that addresses each NHPA
  • Explain the role of nutrition in addressing specific conditions within the NHPAs, including the functions and major food sources of relevant nutrients

Learning intention

  • Students demonstrate their understanding of the NHPAs and the role nutrition plays in relation to specific NHPAs.


  • Students use their smart phone/iPad/laptop to submit answers to revision questions via the online polling site, Poll Everywhere. There is full class participation and discussion to revise and guide further study.

How will digital learning be integrated into this lesson?

  • Poll Everywhere will be used for the class polls. Poll Everywhere is a web 2.0 tool that creates survey questions. Students can reply to the survey questions using a digital device. Real-time responses can be displayed online or in a PowerPoint presentation. Question types include true-false, multiple choice, open ended or as word clusters.


  • Assessment of understanding of the NHPAs and the role of nutrition in addressing specific conditions within the NHPAs
  • Identify areas where further revision is needed to guide study
  • Encourage full student participation through anonymous responses


  • Prepare revision questions and enter these In Poll Everywhere
  • Prepare a PowerPoint presentation with the questions to be asked in the poll

Lesson procedure (1 period)

  • The teacher explains to students how to use Poll Everywhere, and starts with a practice question such as ‘I am looking forward to winter – True/False.’
  • The teacher uses Poll Everywhere to ask students questions related to the NHPAs and the role of nutrition in addressing specific conditions within the NHPAs.


  • Students use a digital device to submit answers to Poll Everywhere questions. They take note of questions answered incorrectly to guide further revision.
  • After each question the teacher leads discussion of the class poll results, highlighting the areas that students should revise further.

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