VCE Health and Human Development - Digi Dialogues

Unit 4 Curriculum Story Lesson plan Student work

Unit 4 – Global health and human development

International aid programs

Key knowledge

  • The role of non-government organisations based in Australia in promoting global health and sustainable human development
  • Programs focusing on literacy, food security, HIV/AIDS and malaria, immunisation, safe water and sanitation in terms of:
    • reasons for each program
    • types of aid involved in the programs
    • implementation of the programs
    • their contribution to the achievement of sustainable human development.

Key skill

  • Identify and explain different types of aid and evaluate their contribution towards achieving global health and sustainable human development

Digital tool

  • QR codes and QR readers

QR Code

  • Google Maps Engine Lite


  • Gather and analyse information from a range of specified webpages relating to aid programs and global health and human development.
  • Geographically identify location of aid programs in relation to Australia.

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