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Unit 4 Curriculum Story Lesson plan Student work

Unit 4 – Global health and human development

Lesson plan: United Nations’ (UN) Millennium Development Goals (MDG)

Unit 4:

Global health and human development

Area of study 1:

Introducing global health and human development

Key knowledge

  • The eight UN’s Millennium Development Goals, their purpose and reasons why they are important

Key skills

  • Describe the eight UN’s Millennium Development Goals, their purpose and reasons why they are important
  • Evaluate the progress toward the Millennium Development Goals

Learning intention

Students will summarise and organise information about one MDG, including its purpose, the reason it is important and progress towards the achievement of the MDG. Students will share information about the MDG to the class.


Students will work in small groups to summarise and organise information on the MDG as a Mind Map using Inspiration. Each Mind Map must describe a selected MDG, its purpose, reasons why it is important and evaluate the progress of that MDG. Students must include a graph displaying progress and include a video excerpt.


Ensure that all students have Inspiration installed on their computer

Lesson procedure (2 periods + 1 for presentations)

  • Divide the class into eight groups and ask students to work in their groups to research one allocated MDG.
  • Provide students with the worksheet and instruct students that their research is to include a description of an allocated MDG, the purpose, why it is important and evaluate the progress. Student also must include a graph to display progress of the goal and include a video relating to the UN MDG. Inform students that they should present their research as a Mind Map using the Inspiration software that includes text, images, video and statistics. You may show students the basics of Inspiration or ask a student who is familiar with Inspiration to demonstrate for the class.
  • Advise students that they are to use their Mind Map to present their allocated UN MDG to the class in the next lesson.
  • Ask students to watch UN MDG by showing UN We can end poverty: Millennium Development Goals and beyond to begin to gather information about their MDG. Students are also to visit UN MDG
  • to research additional information


  • Ask student to use their Mind Maps to present information on their allocated MDG to the class.
  • After each presentation, the rest of the class should create their own summary of each UN MDG. Students could create a summary table or use Inspiration to create their own Mind Map. The group presenting will act as an ‘expert’ and assist other students to create their summary.
  • Mind Maps could also be shared on a class wiki or intranet or displayed around the classroom.

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